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  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexo& labelling
  • Uv ink
  • Uv varnish
  • Uv lamps


  • Ema marble system
  • Drying lines before selection
  • Filling lines for surface holes
  • Crack limestone surface coating\ resistance
  • Uv varnish
  • Uv lamps




  • Roller coater
  • Roller filling
  • Roller printing
  • Uv dryer
  • Jet air (hot) dryer
  • Uv varnish
  • Uv lamps


  • Printing and packaking
  • Wood finishing system
  • Marble drying and surface treatments


Ema UV drying systems present various solutions with different designs to dry all kind of UV inks and varnishes used in printing and packaging industries. Ema produces various kinds of specific UV drying systems as well as standard UV systems compatible with printing machines.


Ema offset UV drying systems are designed to be adaptable to offset printing machines. Ema UV offset drying systems are developed to be compatible to various brand names and dimensions. They have the drying sizes from A4 to 100x140 cm.


Ema Screen printing UV drying systems can be used with every kind of screen printing machines: manual, semi automatic or full automatic. IR or hot air modules can be added depending on the process and chemical structure. They have the drying size from A4 to 200x300 cm.


Ema Label UV Drying Systems have been designed for the printing machines from bobbin to bobbin for every kind of brand name and model in various dimensions. There are Ema UV drying systems for flexo, offset, letterpress printing with the width of 10 to 200 cm .


Emagroup UV Incs has a wide product range of UV Inks: offset, flexo and letterpress applications. Ema always has enough stock level of every kind of inks which can meet every kind of customer demands.


Emagroup UV varnishes which are suitable for offset, flexo, screen printing are produced and sold to domestic and foreign markets by GAMI A.Ş., a company of Ema Group.


MoreLight UV lamps are produced for every kind of UV machines as well as UV dryers.



EMA Group, with the responsibility of being the first and the leader firm of Turkey in wood finishing systems with Roller Coater machine, has been serving to wood, furniture and parquet sectors for a long time. After a long preparation period, by using “Wood Finishing Systems” which was formed by Roller Coater technology in its R&D activities, EMA Group presents competition advantage to the other firms in the sector. EMA puts into practice recent technology successfully by analyzing the requirements of the sector with its long term experience and responsibility of being a manufacturer.

This extensive system is formed by Roller Coater, Roller Printing, Roller Filling, Jet-Air, UV Curing, Conveyor, Scotch Bride, Brushing, Staining, Sanding, Calibrating, Automatic Oscillated Spray (as a distributor) machines.

Moreover, it supplies care service to the sector by getting agencies of expert firms in the surface finishing process.

Information about the other machines manufactured in the Ema Group:


In general, it is used for painting materials with flat surfaces and UV lacquer application. The ink or lacquer is transmitted to materials and spread homogeneously with the help of two rollers. Roller Coaters are manufactured in various sizes for the materials with the width of 800-1400-2400 mm .


It is used to give materials like MDF, chipboard a wooden appearance or to print various patterns. The printing process is similar to roller coater principle but the patterns are formed by the help of a “hard chrome applied engraved roller”. Then the pattern is transferred to the application roller. After Roller Printing process, the material has the final look that is intended.


This machine is designed for drying water, etc based paints. Hot air is blown to the material. It has a modular construction so that the drying length and period can be determined according to the structure of the chemical. Alternative heating energies (as natural gas, electricity, etc.) can be preferred by the customer. Closed circuit hot air circulation for each module provides heating homogeneity and energy save as well as the heat isolated body of the machine. It is possible to dry paints on the materials like chipboard, MDF and duralite with the thickness of 2 to 80 mm. The conveyor speed is 5 to 25 m/min.


The machine cures UV paints and varnishes that is applied on the material. Gallium and mercury UV lamps are used for the curing process. It provides time saving, speed, and good quality of surface for the customers. UV Curing system gets an ideal result on the final finishing and on the varnishes to be cured. It is possible to cure flat or angled surfaces with the help of the UV lamps that are placed with the proper angles.


The process is similar to the roller coater principle but the filling chemical is first spread and then dispersed on the material by the help of a hard chrome applied roller. This process has a great advantage when working with materials like chipboard that has a rough surface. The material absorbs the filling chemical and reaches a smooth surface. Then ink or lacquer can be applied easily onto this smooth surface with a minimized consumption.



EMA machine has been manufacturing Hot-Air dryers (electrical or natural gas), IR (infrared) dryers, Elevator Dryers, UV (ultraviolet) curing equipment and some other auxiliary machineries such as conveying systems, working tables, resin filling machineries to be used in these marble surface treatment processes.

Drying systems developed by EMA have occupied highly important place in drying from UV based chemicals through epoxy based chemicals by Ultraviolet, MARmax Elevator dryers.

The availability of Ema marble equipments and the auxiliaries provides the customers to meet the right solution with the excellent result for the following processes; drying lines before selection, filling lines for surface holes, surface cracks filling lines. UV based chemicals and relatively UV drying lines are mostly used in surface filling and repairs. UV based polyesters are commonly used in these applications. Unlike, it is highly important to use UV resin where Labor health & Safety are proceeded accordingly.

Drying lines before selection

In some kinds of marbles and travertines, it causes negative impact why it contains moisture inside because of their nature structures which disable “selection process”. Therefore, these negative effects of the natural stones should be removed before selection process. The most used method in drying (take off water) is infrared drying which should be equipped with infrared lamps (infrared heating elements like IR heater are not recommended) and closed circuit hot air circulation. Irmax infrared dryer developed by EMA group is able to dry any kind of natural stones like marble, travertine and limestone to the desired temperature for the appropriate application. So, the water inside the stones is easily removed and no condensed water remains in the systems.

Filling lines for surface holes

Even though epoxy polyester mastic fillers have been still used in conventional drying ovens in many territories, the developments of UV technology, relatively new generation chemicals, UV epoxy acrylics enable IR + UV combination drying systems to be used, especially in Europe and the other developed countries.

In the past, the higher IR & UV lamp costs and more expensive UV resins made customers consider the high costs of investments with UV chemicals. Later on, it is obviously realized that, it would help to increase productivity and efficiency in the way of higher speed curing/drying, increased production volume by means of UV + IR combi-systems. It should be known that UV & IR lamps have minimum 1.000 hours operating life time, IR infrared lamps operating life time can easily go up to 5.000 hours.

As to be known, the waiting or delays on this process, which consists of calibration, pre-cleaning, drying for moisture, filling, drying and varnishing is not desired by customers. First drying (oven) unit is used for removing moisture within the stone’s structure, as quick as possible. IR drying ovens assembled by EMA innovated-patented IR reflectors are dressed up by IR lamps in determined distance and in order. Although a surface is quite satisfactory to be dried, theoretically, the stones are dried throughout the deepness, which gives a full drying from the top to bottom of it. After UV epoxy resins are applied onto the dried stones (marbles) in filling process, UV epoxy resins are able to be cured and to be hardened depending on the number of UV lamps and power output, quickly. IR + UV combi-dryers (ovens) provide an optimum length of Drying & Curing line to get the best result with the less space using in less investment in a short term.

Cracks repairing (drying – curing) lines

In general, cracks repairing process has brought some more difficulties along after marble cutting operation. In another words, if any marbles or stones is not taken away completely from moistures in the structure or water on it, then, conventional epoxy or UV epoxy resins can not be filled in cracks properly. Even if possible, it can not be glued or stuck surrounding the sides of cracks in depth. Therefore, it is recommended to be used IR drying oven systems in two sided, top-bottom section together, to remove moistures and water away from the surface and in the structure.

To be able to ease gelling with conventional epoxy or UV epoxy, it is certainly required to adjust the viscosity prior to the application by means of drying oven heat-control. Because the earlier gelling with conventional epoxy or UV epoxy than being planned can not fill in the cracks and leak out.

EMA marble system makes two different cracks repairing-filling lines:

IR infrared drying lines

UV curing & drying lines (currently not available at the moment)

In crack, repairing Epoxy applications are generally used in the process. The water inside the marble must be removed before epoxy resin applications. It is made either by Irmax infrared dryers or by MARmax elevator dryers if there is also available elevator dryer after epoxy resin application in a continue line process.

These two processes in marbles with no-cracking problem can be made in this line at the same time. For instance; IR drying oven + epoxy or UV epoxy resin application + UV epoxy curing combi-system. Unlike, the process in marbles with cracking problem is set up as following; 1st IR drying oven + cracks repairing line + 2nd IR drying oven + surface cleaning + surface cracks filling line + 3rd IR drying oven this type of large flexible cracks & holes filling / repairing marble machinery lines are available to be used in multi-purposes.

Limestone surface coating/resistance:

Using a special UV resin developed by GAMİ chemical provide a very high surface quality with glossy/shiny effect. This special UV chemical, MoreCure MMP developed by

GAMİ chemical also prevents waterabsorption into the limestone and any stains and dirt like ketch-up, coffee remains on the surface.




MoreLight UV lamps are manufactured with an automation using high clarity vitreous silica (quartz) to ensure high-intensity UV radiation. Mercury, mercury gallium and metal halide UV lamps are developed to meet the specific needs of UV curing machines with an extensive product range.

It is possible to manufacture MoreLight UV lamps with an arc length of 10 to 240 cm and with a power output of 40 to 600 W/cm.

1000 operation hours are guaranteed for each lamp.

MoreLight UV lamps are used in various industries including paper, packaging, plastics, marble, wood, cd&dvd presses, fiberoptics, etc. The machineries used in these industries can be classified as: UV flexography and letterpress label printing dryers, UV offset and screen printing dryers (with or without conveyor equipment), marble UV dryers, plastic can UV dryers, furniture edge – tiled floor – laminated floor UV lacquer and ink dryers, duralite – MDF– chipboard (applied on roller coater systems) UV lacquer and ink dryers.

Below list summarizes some of the printing and drying machine manufacturers. MoreLight UV lamps can be supplied for the machineries of all these manufacturers.

EMA UV, Abbess. Adnos. Advancing Aetec. Agfa. Aktilux. Amba. American Ultraviolet. Aradiant. Argon. Argus. Anja. Aquatron. Amjo · Barberan. Beltron. Berkey. Brewer. Burgess. BLV. Cefla.. Chambon. Colight. Comco. · C Sun · Colordry · Dainippon. Distrilamp. DPL. Dubuit Dupont . Elsemann . Eltosch. EYE. FDS. Gallus. GEW. Giardina .GS. Happa. Hackemack. Hanovia. Honle. Idealquartz. IST. IVT. Iwasaki. Japenese Storage Battery. Klemm. Khunast. Kammann. Klemm. Kopack. Linacon. Mark Andy. Muller. Natgraph. Nilpeter. Nolle. Nuarc. Offset. Olec. Osmo. ORC. Parker. Phillips. Polytype. MORE LIGHT. Printconcept. SPS. SPE. Sanki. Schneider. Screen. Serifasp· Siasprint· Spectral. Starna. Svecia. Steinemann. Superfici. Sutter. Technidry. Technigraf. Texel. Theimer. Thieme. Van Keulen. Siasprint. Uviterno. UV Products. UV Technology. UV Systems. Ushio. Van Dam. Wallace Knight. · Walter Reynolds

You can find another list below for some of the label printing machine manufacturers and their models that MoreLight UV lamps can be supplied for.


  • 200
  • 250/R300
  • 250B/RU275
  • R160B/233


  • 250
  • 170/180 Bottom
  • 250
  • 170/180 Top



  • B 200
  • B 200
  • B 280


  • 1282 AFCD
  • 1079 AFCD
  • 662 AFC
  • 663 AFCD


The spectrums for most common type of MoreLight UV lamps are given below.


Civa buharli (mercury ) UV lamba Mercury UV lamp


Galyum (mercury gallium) UV lamba Mercury Gallium UV lamp


Metalhalide (mercury iron ) UV lamba Mercury Iiron UV lamp

Mercury vapor UV lamp has a broad range of use while being suitable for all known UV curing systems. The effective spectrum value for this lamp is about 365 nm (nanometer).

Metal halide UV lamps have a wider effective spectrum value of 340 to 440 nm with a higher curing efficiency of UV lacquers and inks.

The spectrum value of gallium UV lamps is 400 to 430 nm. These lamps are used for utilizing energy transfer deeply through UV chemicals. Gallium UV lamps are preferred in wood and marble industries.

UV Lamp Operation and Maintenance:

UV lights in high density are hazardous for the living cell. Thus, while working with UV, eyes and naked skin should be protected from direct lights.

As oil and salt can be detrimental for the UV lamps, the lamps should be kept clean and should not be touched. If touched, they should be cleaned by alcohol before operating.

The operating conditions for the UV lamps have a high effect on the life time of the lamp. The life time will be reduced when operating on bad conditions.

The UV lamps have the most effective curing capacity for the first 700 operating hours. After 700 hours their capacity starts to become weaker. A UV lamp can be operated for 1500 – 2000 hours when the required operating conditions are reached.

The frequency of start-stop operations also has an effect on the life time of the lamp. To operate the lamp in stand-by mode or on minimum power step instead of start-stop operation for short time intervals will be reasonable as means of reducing this frequency.


EMA morecure research


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